Chimay Cinq Cents

Chimay was the first “fancy” beer I ever tasted. Before then, I would have felt pretty special while drinking a terrible (and thankfully now defunct) concoction called Tequiza. It was my friend Ken who introduced me to Chimay, the renowned Trappist ale, “the champagne of beers,” he called it. And today I realized, that while I’ve had many a bottle of Chimay, I had never had one on draft. And that’s why I ultimately ordered it.

That was 9 years ago – so, Chimay and I go way back, almost as far back as Emily and I do. So it seemed fitting to be drinking this ale, which has been a constant in my beer expeditions, across the table from the person with whom I’ve shared over a third of my life. We reminisced about the first time we met.  I was the patchoulli-soaked, long-haired, earring-bearing, Bob Marley t-shirt-wearing new-student guide that demanded to be addressed by the Spanish pronunciation of my name. “It’s Sair-heeo, not Sur-geeo.” That was my rastahippie phase. Emily laughed and said, “If someone had told me then that you and I would end up married, I would have laughed.”

As if ending up with Emily weren’t wonderful enough, I am now incredibly fortunate to have brought a child into this world with her. Even before we knew we were having a Julia, going through every stage of the pregnancy was so exciting, scary and then exciting again. Then she was born, and learning to be parents together has been so much fun. Even at this very early stage, she has that sassy, slightly fruity, bubble gum personality the Cinq Cents has…and then some. I know I’m biased, but as far as I’m concerned, we got the champagne of babies.

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8 Responses to Chimay Cinq Cents

  1. Mel says:

    I love your birth-month projects. I think it will be funny to see when you turn 50 what your 50 things will be. If you live to 100 (and I hope you do), what the 100 things will be. 33 beers is ambitious and delicious. Have fun on your journey.

  2. Kevin says:

    After watching Day 1, I thought, “What a mistake Sergio’s made by starting out so strong. Whose company could he possibly keep on Day 2 that would even compare?” Now I see his brilliant solution: go back to the House and get someone else. A wise move, sir.

  3. Jasph says:

    Looking forward to my turn more than ever. BUT. My face should probably be Photoshopped to look like a lil’ Jujube, for I fear you may have peaked, visually. Is there anything quite like a beautiful woman who can knock back a beer? Well-done, Emily.

    This is my favorite video of 2011. (Sorry, Kevin.)


  4. Erin says:

    love this project Sergio! and LOVE that you are teaching your Julia about great beer early on, haha! She is such a cutie and you and Emily are such great parents! :O)

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