Delirium Tremens

My first encounter with Delirium Tremens took place during my first visit to Chicago some three years ago. This is a Belgian ale one does not soon forget, so I was pleased to find out I had not yet ordered it at Flying Saucer (repeat beers don’t count toward the 200-beer-name-on-the-wall-deal). Although it was a cold, rainy day, I strayed from the more appropriate stout and went for this outstanding pale ale. I did not regret that choice for a second.

Curt favors the stouts, which I suspect is one of the reasons we get on so well. We became friends by way of The Model Congress, where together with two other fellows, we endeavor to create beautiful rock music. Over the years, I have found that Curt and I share similar tastes. So, I recommended he have the Bell’s Expedition Stout, with which he was not familiar. I was pleased, although not surprised, to find that he liked it as much as I do. Aside from being an excellent guitarist and lover of fine things, Curt is also the principal, creative director and resident genius at HypeLife Brands.

Good things tend to get better with time and that was certainly the case with the Delirium Tremens. With every sip, I found evolving notes of fruit, citrus, sweetness and malty perfection. By the time the blessed brew was consumed, I had determined it to be a perfect embodiment of the joy and enchantment of which only the most lovingly crafted beers are capable. Here’s to Belgian brewers!

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One Response to Delirium Tremens

  1. Beto says:

    Nice to see a good MI brew made it on the blog! Keep up the good work 🙂

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