Skull Splitter

Okay, I cheated. The rule for this birthmonth project is that I have one beer a day and then three beers on the 22nd, the day of my birthday. Well, today I started out with a Fuller’s London Pride, which was not bad, but also not exceptional. And, how can you have an okay beer when the person across the table from you is having an excellent one? So, I ordered a second beer. Big deal – maybe I’ll only have 2 beers instead of 3 on my birthday. And maybe I wasn’t cheating, maybe I was just, um, improvising!

And let me tell you, if you must improvise, there is no one better to do so with than Trish. I’ve known her for a couple of years now and while we met through work, I’ve really gotten to know, respect, admire and fear her through improv. Last year, at Trish’s behest, five-month-pregnant Emily and I went from being avid fans to guest monologists (or duologists, rather) at a Tantrum (that’s her improv troupe) show. And, had it not being for Trish, this would’ve been scarier than being on a crab fishing boat.

So, once again, I took Trish’s lead and ordered the Skull Splitter she had ordered on our first round. And am I ever glad I did. I wish I could’ve displayed my beginner beer tasting skills on camera, but the ale was so yummy and the conversation so much fun that before I knew it, the beer was all gone. I can tell you that it’s a full-bodied strong ale, with notes of caramel, dark fruit and perfect maltiness. With an 8.5% alcohol by volume content, it’s surprisingly easy to drink and rewarding to savor. Our chat followed suit, developing rather nicely as our own ABV’s increased. It was a most pleasant afternoon and wonderful way to close the week.

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