Spaten Optimator

Did you know today is Fat Tuesday? Well, somehow I didn’t realize that until I got to the Flying Saucer tonight. It’s kind of weird, because I’ve known since Sunday that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. But that’s okay, apparently my subconscious knew it was Fat Tuesday, as it decided to let me have two pints of lager before arriving at the Saucer for my daily brew. But not to worry, those two pints didn’t count; I kind of had to have them as it was a work-related happy hour. I take my job seriously.

Alison takes her job seriously too, that’s how we met. She’s seriously funny and throws seriously awesome parties. We went to one of her parties once and I was seriously put to shame at the Irish car bomb throw down. By her. But we’re still friends and I like her for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she says things that make me laugh out loud. A lot. Naturally, I was seriously happy when she agreed to have a beer with me during my birthmonth.

I’m not very experienced with bocks and doppelbocks, but the few I’ve had have been rather tasty. The Spaten Optimator had a smooth mouthfeel and pleasantly faint alcohol taste, and the caramel and bready malts came through quite nicely. The hops were mostly in the background, and the linger was present yet brief. While not necessarily a Fat Tuesday kinda beer, this was definitely a well-rounded, nicely built brew. And I would drink it again. Laissez le bon temps roulez!

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2 Responses to Spaten Optimator

  1. alison says:

    A little sloppy with the camera tonight, Sergie…Maybe it was due to the bonus beers you had before our toast! Tisk tisk.

    Thanks for the delightful time and sweet write up. I’m soooo mad that I didn’t think to say “Gotta get me one of those” at some point in the video.

    Cheers to 33 years (and 33 beers) of Sergio!!!!

    • Sergio says:

      I know, I was a little shaky with the camera. Oh well. Thanks again for joining me, I really had a great time catching up with you. Cheers!

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