Tripel Karmeliet

Tonight was another fun night in the beermonth. I got to hang out and catch up with someone I really respect and admire and whose company is always a treat. Scott is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is a specialist of rhyme and you too can enjoy his work at The Daily Rhyme. In honor of our visit tonight, I decided I’d try my hand at a rhyme, and I can’t believe I actually read it aloud for him and the camera. Naturally he was kind enough to say something nice, but as you can see I am clearly an amateur at best.

My brew for the night was a delightful Belgian ale, the Tripel Karmeliet. It poured a beautiful, slightly hazy amber and formed a respectable, albeit loose, head. With a distinct hint of honey, some lovely florals and a slight touch of herbals, this was a smooth and easy drink that hid its 8.4% ABV rather nicely. The combination of oats, wheat and barley made for a bready maltiness and a pleasantly substantial body. The Belgians come through once again.

What it’s all about

Before this month comes to an end
I will have met each day a friend
to share a tasty pint of beer,
catch up and laugh and have good cheer.
We’ll sing the praises, we’ll exalt
the water, barley, hops and malt
that turn into the blessed ale
we love to drink, dark, red or pale.
And when the night is finally through,
after we’ve emptied up our brew,
you’ll find I can’t resist a stout
but friends are what it’s all about!

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