Ayinger Celebrator

From the very first day, I knew this month was going to be about so much more than beer. This project went from being a fun idea to the best idea I’ve ever had the moment I decided that it wouldn’t be simply about tasting some thirty different brews, but about spending time with some thirty different people.

Thomas is a good friend and like-minded fellow. Among the many things we discussed and agreed upon tonight were the virtues of replacing face-to-Facebook time with face-to-face time. We pondered the false sense of connectivity fostered by our being virtually (and constantly) linked to hundreds of people all over the place by means of our home and pocket screens. We cheered and cheered again as I announced that I would gladly exchange all the “likes” and status updates in the world for an hour of someone’s time. Over a beer, of course.

And, I couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate beer than the Celebrator for this glorious Friday in which we celebrated the joys of fellowship. Of course, its other name, Ayinger, played an important role in my decision as I have rather fond memories of the Ayinger dunkel from earlier in the week. The Celebrator lived up to its name. Here’s to the Ayinger family. Cheers!

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