Spaten Lager

There are a number of factors that influence my decision when it comes to choosing a beer. I consider things like whether or not the brew will accompany a meal, whether I’ll be having more than one beer, the time of day, and so on. But what usually ends up being the determining factor is the weather. I can’t bear the thought of a lager on a cold, grey day. Today, however, was definitely a lager day.

Coincidentally, my beer companion for the day is a lager devotee. But not just any lager, Armando only drink’s Mexico’s finest lager: Pacífico.  But today he surprised me when he said he wanted to branch out and try something different. Because I have developed an infatuation with Duvel, and because it is as bright and sunny as the afternoon was, I recommended he have it. I’m glad I did because he really liked it and had a second. In fact, he liked it so much even I had to order one for myself after the Spaten Lager!

Since I was enjoying one of Germany’s finest lagers, I asked Armando to tell me again about his and Christy’s experience participating in Germany’s legendary Oktoberfest some years ago. Listening to the stories about thousands of people of all ages congregated under tents, singing, laughing, cheering, and just being alive, enhanced my enjoyment of the Spaten. This is a happy beer; it’s a beer for socializing, for having a good time and enjoying the company of others. This is, to me, the perfect beer to welcome the Spring. Prost!

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