La Fin Du Monde

Check out the awesome header Mel from 21days made in honor of this day. Thanks!

There are a lot of really fun and creative people where I work. I’ve been lucky to become friends with many of them. Some I’ve known since I first started my job some sevenish years ago, others I’ve met more recently. And tonight I got to share a beer with one of them. Our paths at work have only crossed a handful of times, but every time we’ve had occasion to chat, I’ve found Maria to be increasingly cooler and more interesting. So, I was really looking forward to sitting down and having a beer with her. And what a fun time it was.

One of the things I like about Maria is her adventurous spirit. She’s travelled quite a bit, and not in the touristy sort of way, but it in the I’m-gonna-be-here-for-a-month-and-live-and-learn-this-place-and-its-people sort of way. This sense of adventure and exploration seems to come through in everything she does and it’s very refreshing. Tonight, for instance, after explaining that she does not like beer, what did she do? She ordered a flight! That’s right, she sampled six different beers and then remarked that variety is the spice of life.

My selection for the night was Unibroue’s La Fin Du Monde. This Belgian style ale is a remarkable brew. I’ve had the pleasure of having it before, although not at the Saucer, and I was excited to refresh my memory. Like most Belgian brews I favor, it has a distinct aroma of flowers and a most pleasant build. It is easy to drink, but you feel compelled to make it last. Later on, with all the talk about traveling and exploring new worlds and possibilities, I realized how appropriate La Fin Du Monde was for today. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Maria travels far enough to reach the end of the world.

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2 Responses to La Fin Du Monde

  1. Mel Hogan says:

    In honor of day 21, I’ve sent you a header for your blog. Check your email.

  2. Daniel P. Denton says:

    Wow…I didn’t know you knew Sean Young!

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