Maredsous Blonde

I’ve been celebrating all month, and I will continue to celebrate for the next nine days. But today is very special. Today is my actual birthday and it has been a great one so far. On my second stay-at-home-dad day, Julia woke up with the sunniest of dispositions. She’s been all smiles all day. And then we went to pick up my mom at the airport, my poor mom who has been traveling and working for the past week or so but wouldn’t miss my birthday. Upon receiving my mom, Julia’s smile got even bigger and graduated to full on giggles.

We headed straight to the Flying Saucer. I knew a couple of weeks ago that Mom might come, so I had been saving this date and this beer for her. It was so nice to just chill out, the three of us, and enjoy a couple of Belgian ales from the Moortgaat brewery. Mom had the Duvel and I had the Maredsous Blonde. Julia had a healthy serving of her mom’s noms. There was something poetic about sitting at a table on a beautiful, sunny day, my birthday no less, with my mom and my daughter, each with our respective bottle of masterfully and lovingly crafted drink.

The beer expedition has rendered surprising results thus far. I went in knowing that I love stouts, barley wines and dark ales. However, I have found that these two, the Duvel and the Maredsous, have secured a very special place on my palate. They are exquisite specimens of a very respectable family, and they were the perfect complement to this day, which is all about family. Happy birthday to me.

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3 Responses to Maredsous Blonde

  1. alison says:

    I ❤ Duvel as well!

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