I didn’t have a beer at Flying Saucer tonight. Tonight’s beer was scheduled for a little bit later than usual and upon arriving at my usual thirst quenching establishment, my friend (and drum teacher), Rob informed me that there was not a single place to sit. We walked in anyway, I was confident I could find us a spot somewhere, but then I realized it was trivia night and so I knew it would be impossible.

Rob had already taken the time to check out the surrounding bars and mentioned that they were all pretty quiet. I suggested Gordon Biersch, for two reasons: they brew their own beer and they were highly recommended by the owner and brewmaster at Franconia Brewing in Texas. After tasting a couple of their current offerings, Rob and I both chose the Märzen, an Oktoberfest auburn lager. It was really good, and so was the Schwarzbier that followed.

Yes, I must say I was just a little bit sad about not drinking at Flying Saucer tonight, but that all quickly dissipated as soon as we settled into our seats and had a good chat and some great laughs. And you know what, if Peter Gabriel can do an entire album and tour with absolutely no drums or percussion, then I can have my daily birthmonth beer at a place other than Flying Saucer. Cheers!

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